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Today's Events

  1. Spanish Department Study Abroad Info Session

    Host: Alejandra Chavez and Kyla King

    Location: Mason Fireside Lounge

  2. FARM OPEN HOUSE!! ft. lots of Pesto

    Host: Pomona College Organic Farm

    Location: Pomona College Organic Farm

  3. Chat and Chew: Substance Culture

    Host: Pomona Student Union

    Location: Frank Blue Room

  4. Auditions for the Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company

    Host: Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company

    Location: Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company

Senate News

  1. The ASPC SageBooks service—your one-stop location for buying and selling used textbooks—is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Sustainability Integration Office: ReCoop book listings will now be available for reservation on SageBooks.

    The process is easy. Head over to SageBooks and browse our now 2600+ listings to find the textbooks that you need for this semester. If the book is marked with a gold ReCoop icon, you'll be able to purchase it like normal on SageBooks, and then pick it up free of charge at the Fall ReCoop Sale held in Walker Lounge. Buying on SageBooks ensures that the book is reserved for you at the sale, and no one else can steal it! Hurry to grab the best deals, and help out the SIO's great cause.

    Contact with questions related to specific ReCoop book listings.

  2. The polls will close after 24 hours, at 9 pm on 4/8. Once you've voted, share the link with your friends!

    President Darrell Jones III enlists his anger translator, DJ4(what) to encourage civic engagement. View their message here.

  3. We've just added an event calendar to the ASPC homepage, making it a one-stop glance at all the cool events happening on campus and at the surrounding 5Cs. College events like lectures, club meetings, and parties that are normally posted on Facebook, hidden in the depths of a group page, or listed on CollegiateLink are now easily available at a single website.

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    Peruse the current happenings of today, or look at the upcoming month's calendar to get an idea for things you'd like to participate in. And of course, submit your own events so everyone else knows about them too! (If you run a club, you can just paste a link to your club's Facebook page and we'll automatically get new events as you post them there!)

    We've also added an activity stream to the homepage, aggregating activity on the ASPC site and on other College-affiliated services. New books for sale, new housing reviews, and social media posts from College accounts are displayed right on the homepage. Be the first to snag a $10 copy of a $50 book, or learn right away when construction work is going to impede getting around campus!

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    The ASPC Digital Media Group

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  4. We're going to try to use this blog more to keep everyone up to date on what Senate is doing this semester. Be on the lookout for more posts! Hope everyone is having a great start to the semester.

  5. At the Senate meeting on May, 3, 2013, Senators discussed the following resolution and passed it unanimously. Pomona College’s sexual assault audit can be accessed by the Pomona College community via the Dean of Students Sakai site or by clicking here.

    The Associate Students of Pomona College (ASPC) Senate supports the implementation of all the Responses and Recommendations from Stakeholders in Tiombe Preston’s 2013 Audit of Campus Sexual Assault Response: Stakeholder Responses and Recommendations. The ASPC Senate recognizes the initiative taken by the college, in particular the Dean of Students Office, to change policy in accordance with the Title IX Dear Colleague letter, to initiate the audit conducted by Tiombe Preston, and their continued work on this issue. That said, we believe that additional immediate and concrete actions can increase the level of support for survivors on campus, make the campus culture safer for all students, and make information about reporting widely accessible. These objectives can be attained by short-term and long-term actions based on Preston’s recommendations in the audit.

    In the short-term (at the latest, by the end of the Fall 2013 semester) the ASPC Senate calls on the Pomona College administration, in collaboration with student leaders, to create print and online materials made readily available to all students, faculty, and staff about the reporting procedure - including instructions, forms, the complainant’s rights, and the purpose of reporting. The ASPC Senate recommends that the College distribute these documents so that they are available around campus, such as at Resident Advisor desks, campus resource centers, the student health center, and the ASPC office. The second short-term recommendation is for immediate training of all administrators, deans, staff, and RAs beyond whatever current training they have already undergone. These individuals can and will be primary responders in incidences of sexual assault; thus, they should be prepared to treat survivors with respect and consideration with an up-to-date theoretical framework about consent and sexual assault. Each trainee should come out with a clear understanding of whether they are a mandatory reporter and how to sensitively and appropriately respond to a survivor in crisis; this information should also be included in any materials created by the College.

    In the long-term (during the next five years and starting immediately) the ASPC Senate calls on Pomona College to collaborate with the other Claremont colleges to create both a task force and a sexual assault support center. The 5-C or 7-C task force would develop a consistent sexual assault response plan and resources, identify systemic patterns of sexual violence on campus, and standardize policies on sexual assault and substance use. This entails the creation of uniform reporting and confidentiality policies (including uniform definitions of consent and substance use amnesty in sexual assault policy), as well as security and safety notification procedures, followed by uniform policies on judicial actions. The ASPC Senate recognizes that given the social environment at the Claremont Colleges, sexual violence may be inter-campus and therefore the best possible response from Pomona College would be to work with the other institutions toward a universal sexual assault policy. We also recommend that the college prioritize choosing or creating a space for a sexual assault support and resource center, so that survivors and others seeking guidance or counseling about sexual violence would have a safe and neutral space to seek help. We, as elected representatives of the student body, recommend that the Pomona College administration prioritize these initiatives set forth by the audit. Only with the full support and efforts of the administration can the college become a safer environment. We believe that all students are responsible for creating and maintaining a safer environment and should be integrally involved in implementing changes. Finally, we believe that immediate actions are necessary to demonstrate its commitment to working toward a college community free of sexual violence.

    Note: The resolution's use of substance use amnesty refers to a situation in which complainants would be able to report an incident of sexual assault to their institution without fear of repercussions regarding their drug or alcohol use at the time of the incident; full amnesty means neither punitive nor educational measures would be taken.

Campus Feed

  1. The book Essentials of Understanding Psychology has been listed for sale for $55.00.
  2. The book Introduction to the Practice of Statistics has been listed for sale for $40.00.