Associated Students of Pomona College

Today's Events

  1. Secular Student Alliance Meeting

    Host: Claremont Colleges Secular Student Alliance

    Location: Walker Lounge

  2. SSA Meeting

    Host: Jennie Frishtick

    Location: Walker Lounge, Pomona College

  3. Spaceship Manners

    Host: PEC (Pomona Events Committee)

    Location: SCC Social Room

Senate News

  1. Congratulations to your newly elected student representatives:

    North Campus Representative --- Nico Kass

    South Campus Representative --- Aldair Arriola Gomez

    Junior Class Representative --- Elena Cardenas

    Sophomore Class Representative --- Peter Kim

    First Year Class Representative --- Chloe An

    A total of 713 students voted in this election; an increase of 40 people over last fall’s election. Thank you to Beshouy Botros for being an amazing elections commissioner! Thank you to everyone who ran and everyone who voted, good work community!

    ASPC Senate's work has just begun. And the election is not the end of your involvement with the Senate. Come to our events! Follow us on social media and read our newsletter! Contact the senators with questions, concerns and suggestions! (Senator bio & contact info:

  2. Positions being elected include representatives for the Junior, Sophomore, and First Year classes as well as North & South Campus. Your voice is vital to our community.

    Here is a message from ASPC President Rachel Jackson:

    Support your peers by making a choice, engaging in campus discourse and shaping what Senate leadership looks like this year. Vote here at by 9pm tonight.

    ASPC Senate works directly (directly, directly) with administration, faculty, and deans, and has a hand in shaping policy that affects you, the student body. North Campus and South Campus Representatives have incredible power, chairing both Food Committee and Residence Hall Committee, and sitting on the Student Affairs Committee. Class Presidents represent their class to administrators and on Senate and have funds to do class-wide programming. To read more about Senate duties, check out the Senate bylaws:

    A few issues Senate we will be looking at this year include alcohol policy, sexual violence culture, general education requirements, Dynamic of Difference and Power requirements, helping with the President's Strategic Plan for Diversity, and looking for ways to increase institutional memory. Senate does important work, so vote today and keep us accountable!

    It takes a community to speak truth to power. Vote today!

  3. The ASPC SageBooks service—your one-stop location for buying and selling used textbooks—is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Sustainability Integration Office: ReCoop book listings will now be available for reservation on SageBooks.

    The process is easy. Head over to SageBooks and browse our now 2600+ listings to find the textbooks that you need for this semester. If the book is marked with a gold ReCoop icon, you'll be able to purchase it like normal on SageBooks, and then pick it up free of charge at the Fall ReCoop Sale held in Walker Lounge. Buying on SageBooks ensures that the book is reserved for you at the sale, and no one else can steal it! Hurry to grab the best deals, and help out the SIO's great cause.

    Contact with questions related to specific ReCoop book listings.

  4. The polls will close after 24 hours, at 9 pm on 4/8. Once you've voted, share the link with your friends!

    President Darrell Jones III enlists his anger translator, DJ4(what) to encourage civic engagement. View their message here.

  5. We've just added an event calendar to the ASPC homepage, making it a one-stop glance at all the cool events happening on campus and at the surrounding 5Cs. College events like lectures, club meetings, and parties that are normally posted on Facebook, hidden in the depths of a group page, or listed on CollegiateLink are now easily available at a single website.

    View the ASPC website on desktop or mobile

    Peruse the current happenings of today, or look at the upcoming month's calendar to get an idea for things you'd like to participate in. And of course, submit your own events so everyone else knows about them too! (If you run a club, you can just paste a link to your club's Facebook page and we'll automatically get new events as you post them there!)

    We've also added an activity stream to the homepage, aggregating activity on the ASPC site and on other College-affiliated services. New books for sale, new housing reviews, and social media posts from College accounts are displayed right on the homepage. Be the first to snag a $10 copy of a $50 book, or learn right away when construction work is going to impede getting around campus!

    In preparation for room draw, we've made some improvements to our housing reviews system. A picture is worth a thousand words, and now you can attach up to three photos to every housing review! We now also store your name with your housing review to enter you in a (to be announced) raffle. Stay tuned!

    The ASPC Digital Media Group

    Joseph Long '14
    Matt Dahl '17
    Dima Smirnov '17

    We're hiring. Join us in the best job on campus, building useful tools for our fellow students.

    Read about what we do in the Digital Media Group, and send us an email at

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